What is this service all about?

We are here to be your personal nutritionist in providing three simple plans that to help you #eatyourgoals. They are tasty, convenient, affordable and personalized to your needs! Our in-house nutritionist has worked hard to provide a program that will make you feel that you are not dieting!

What does the meal plan contain?

Our meal plans contain your lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. We provide the calorie and macro count and we let you decide whether you want to add a breakfast (around 300 calories) to your daily nutritional intake.

Is the food fresh?

We believe in quality! At YOLO, you get food freshly cooked sent to you! Since some of our meals are meant to eaten warm, we provide instructions on the meals that should be warmed up. That easy! Just make sure to store the food in a fridge once you receive it!

What kind of commitments is expected from me?

We are super flexible and leave the commitment part to you! We understand that some people will have the discipline to follow it 100% and others, due to work constraints, might not be able to commit on a longer period. So we provide daily, 5 day, 10 day and 30 day plans.

How much does it cost?

Our prices will vary depending on the calorie target you choose and the length of your subscription. The longer it is the cheaper it gets! From $32.9/day for our daily plan to $27.9/day if you take a longer plan! We also charge a $2.9 delivery fee per day. That's it! 

Why is there a price difference between each program and plan?

Our prices will vary depending on the calorie target and the program you select. The higher the calorie intake, the more food you need! 

How do i subscribe?

In just four clicks! 

With YOLO it is simple, all you have to do is:

STEP 1: Choose your program

STEP 2: Choose your plan between the three calorie targets we provide

STEP 3: Select your package, from 5 days, 10 days and 30 days! The longer you go, the greater the results are! NO SECRETS!

What if I cannot eat something or have any allergies? 

Please email us at inquiry@yolofood.com.sg if you have any specific inquiries about our plans. We will do our best to cater to your requirements.

Am I really gonna lose weight?

We are no gurus here and we do not guarantee that you will lose x amount of weight! This plan is here to give you a guideline on how to get to your goals! The results you will get will depend on how serious you stick to this meal plan. Check out our Blog to see the great results our participants got!

How do I receive my food?

You will receive your food every morning between 10:00AM-11:30AM at the address you provided during your check-out process. We also offer two address input in case you are at a different location on week-ends!

What if I subscribe for a week and miss a meal? Do I lose it?

This is a subscription plan so all you need is to book here once and your meals will be delivered every day without fail. Cancelations are only available for the 10 and 30 day plans. If you wish to cancel a specific day, you need to let us know 3 days in advance.  And you are limited to one cancelation for the 10 day plan, and 3 cancelations for the 30 day plan.