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Alexis Bauduin

Posted on September 13 2018


Congrats on taking the first step to a BETTER YOU! At YOLO, we are all about making sure you enjoy the process by making sure you receive yummy deliveries every day.

But outside of eating right, we are also big believers in promoting fitness activities. The more you train the better the results will be! So today, we want to share a little tip which will change your body forever! Trust us!

In July, we started working on a 10 days challenge with a few influencers. They went on our meal plan for ten days with great success! The picture you see here is from Fuzz (@fakkahfuzz). He came to us being super motivated and willing to shred a few kilos. Not only did he eat right, but he also followed a fitness tip i gave him to maximise his results. And let s be honest, his results, in 10 DAYS ONLY, are pretty visually striking! 3KG weight loss! So what was that tip? Please read below:

Fasted Cardio

You will have to do the following every morning after you wake up, on an empty stomach (very important):

On a treadmill, walk for 45 min at 5.5km/hr and 13% inclined, 4 times a week

This will attack your fat directly as you are on an empty stomach after your sleep and boost tremendously your metabolism for the rest of the day. With the YOLO meal plan, we then tailor our food to bring you energy for lunch (with a good amount of carbs) before going leaner at night. The fitness coupled with the nutrition will allow you to shred body fat in no time! And yes i know what some of you will say “i can’t work out in the morning” or “ i can’t wake up”… Well believe me, you might suffer doing this for one week, but after ten days, when you see the results, you will feel guilty not doing it!

Our results have been great with people losing between 1.5 to 4kg in 10 days. This is science so if you respect the program (eating and fitness plans), you will get great results!

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